Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I miss from my European Summer...
(Part 1)

the BOOZE!

Amstel Beer from Amsterdam
Amsterdam: Amstel at one of the pubs near the RLD

Birra Moretti from Italy
Italy: Birra Moretti at Lake Garda

San Miguel Beer from Barcelona
Barcelona: Spanish San Miguel on the way to the beach

Bit Copa from Germany
Germany: Bit Copa--tastes like shandy

Eichbaum Bier from Germany
At a Biergarten: Eichbaum

Lösch-Zwerg Bier from Stuttgart Germany
Stuttgart: Lösch-Zwerg Bier
(a bit of a tongue-twister so I call it "Dwarf Beer")

No schnapps and grappa on the list because I don't miss 'em at all =)

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