Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When In Amsterdam...

take a canal cruise.

Straightest area of the canal. You can see right through to the 4th bridge.

walk along the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Red Light District
No photos of the girls can be taken unless you want trouble.

visit the Flower Market.

Amsterdam's Flower Market

Starter Kits at the Flower Market

visit the Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House Amsterdam
Really blurry shot of the AF door

The Anne Frank House from afar

kill time at the Sex Museum.

Amsterdam Sex Museum

wander inside the Hemp Museum.

Amsterdam Hemp Museum

rent a bike...

Bikes everywhere!

...and go sightseeing.

Royal Palace on Dam Square
Royal Palace on Dam Square

Madame Tussaud
Madame Tussaud's

Munttoren Tower
Munttoren Tower on Muntplein Square

An old castle-looking building turned into a restaurant

Church by the Flower Market
Church by the Flower Market

watch out for the train.

View from our Raadhuisstraat hotel
The train passes right in front of our hotel on Raadhuisstraat

admire the cute little canal houses and boathouses.

Cute canal house

Canal house with pink windows
Canal house with nice pink windows

Amsterdam Boathouse
One of the many boathouses along the canal

hang out at a coffeeshop.

The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam
The Bulldog is a popular hotel and cafe among tourists

Abraxas Coffeeshop
Abraxas is a popular coffee shop among locals

people watch while having an Amstel.

Amstel Beer

and do what the locals do.

See what the guy has in his left hand? :P

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  1. You aren't "killing time" at the sex museum. That's actually time well spent