Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Matabungkay: Bella Beach Resort

While drinking on a Friday night, some friends and I had a brilliant idea of going on an overnight beach trip. Doesn't matter where, as long as it's only a couple of hours drive from the city. Since everything was last minute, we never had enough time to research on accommodations so we ended up in Bella Beach Resort. They offered us a standard room  that can supposedly fit 4 people for P4,500. Our expectations weren't that high, but of course, since the price was comparable to beachfront rooms in Boracay, we were a little bit hopeful that it would be nice and comfortable. Imagine our disappointment when we saw the room. It had one double bed, a TV a bathroom and some space for the extra mattresses. The mattresses that they brought in turned out to be plain air beds which were uncomfortable according to two of our companions who slept on them.

Bella Beach Resort Matabungkay Room
Our room complete with the air beds.

Bella Beach Resort Matabungkay
Karaoke machine is in front of the hut. Some guests bring soap
and shampoo  to take a shower beside the pool.

The resort also has a karaoke machine for rent which drove us mad. To get away from the wailing and the screaming, we decided to rent a "balsa" for a couple of hours for P500 (it's around P1500 for the whole day). Money very well spent indeed.

Getting on the Balsa in Matabungkay

View from the Balsa
From here, you can still faintly hear the sounds from the karaoke.  

Another thing that was quite disappointing was the food. Great that you can eat at the resort but then it was a bit overpriced. A single-serving of pork adobo costs P300 and it wasn't even good. I mean, it's adobo. Why does it have to cost that much? I would've opted to eat at a carinderia outside the resort but we couldn't find one. Beers were reasonably-priced though so there's that at least.

Anyway, I wouldn't be recommending this one to my friends.

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