Friday, July 1, 2011

Because this is my blog, I can do pretty much whatever I want with it. Like spamming it with Sebastian Vettel's photos.

Sebastian Vettel Valencia 2011
Vettel after winning the Euro GP 2011
Photo from F1 Fanatic

Vettel takes pole postion at the Bahrain GP 2010
Pole position at the Bahrain GP 2010
Photo from here

Vettel in Ray-Ban Aviators
I want a pair of those Ray-Ban Aviators
Photo from here

Sebastian Vettel
Photo from here

Vettel and Webber crash in Turkish GP 2010
Taken after Vettel and Webber crashed at the Turkish GP 2010
Photo from the Guardian UK

Nine days until Silverstone. Hopefully, Sebastian Vettel takes pole and gets his 7th win of the season.

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