Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How To Watch The Euro Cup 2012

Quarterfinal match: Germany vs Greece

This is where you watch football:

Stuttgart Beergarden Euro Cup 2012
In a massive beergarden
Schlossgarten Biergarten
where 3 hours before the game, most of the tables are occupied

German Fans Celebrate Win Over Greece
and fans come out wearing jerseys, face paint and carrying big-ass flags.

This is where you sit:

At a table 2 rows down from the huge screen

and right beside where the beers are sold. 

And this is how you celebrate:

Germany Celebrates Win Over Greece Euro Cup 2012 Quarterfinals
Wave your arms like crazy, scream your lungs out and light up fireworks. 
Photo: Dan Z.

Congregate on the streets making it a b*tch for cars to pass.

Drive down to the city center while honking your car horns. More chanting, screaming and partying.
Video: Dan Z. 

This was just the quarterfinals. Imagine how crazy it would be if Germany actually wins the Euro Cup?!?

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