Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hairdresser in Stuttgart

After almost three years of living in Deutschland, I've finally found a hairdresser who I'm comfortable with. I've been to one of those cheaper salons downtown which offer cuts for 15 euros, however, I've always left feeling unsatisfied. I know that for that price, one can't really expect a great haircut, and that the stylists will often rush to finish the job so that they can move on to the next customer. It still isn't an excuse for doing a piss-poor job. Since my hair is pretty thin and I sport a simple style (long unlayered hair), I've been pretty hesitant to go to the more expensive salons which charge at least 40 euros for a cut.

A couple of days ago, a classmate from my B2+ Deutsch class casually mentioned that she had a haircut appointment later that day. Seeing that her hair was actually cut nicely, and that I've been on the hunt for a hairdresser for a long time, I asked her where she usually goes.

The hairdresser is in Stuttgart-Ost and it is called Friseursalon Lederle. It is owned by a nice lady originally form Thailand who's been here for 22 years. I forgot to ask if she spoke any English aside from Thai and German, but I think it would be safe to bet that she does.

I liked that she asked me what I wanted done and then offered suggestions on how the cut could be better. Unlike the stylists from the salons I went to, she took her time cutting my hair and made sure that I was satisfied with her work. I paid 28 euros for the cut opting to blow-dry my hair myself to save 10 euros.

Friseursalon Lederle is definitely my go-to salon from now on.

Friseursalon Lederle contact information:
Ostendstra├če 52 (U4 Line, right by the Ostendplatz Haltestelle)
70188 Stuttgart
0711 241420

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