Sunday, September 22, 2013

Singapore Grand Prix 2013

Sebastian Vettel has just won the SG Grand Prix extending his Championship lead to a clear 60 points. Vettel dominated the GP by taking pole position, setting the fastest lap in the race, and winning the race while leading from start to finish, which means that he picked up his third Grand Chelem. He is now side-by-side with Nelson Piquet on the all-time record.

Singapore Grand Prix 2013 result

I wasn't able to catch the podium interview, but I read that there were again boos aimed at Vettel. Even Martin Brundle (interviewer) was ticked off by it that he had to say that's "not correct" to the crowd. Cool as ever, Vettel jokingly replied that maybe they're on a bus and are being ferried to each race.

I understand that to a lot of fans (I'm assuming Alonso's and Hamilton's),  it's getting quite boring since he always wins, but do they really have to boo Vettel and Red Bull because they're doing great? Maybe they need to direct those boos to Mercedes and Ferrari because they just can't seem to match the great job that RBR is doing.

Formula 1 2013 Championship standing

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