Friday, September 13, 2013

Phonebloks: A Lego-like Smartphone

Phonebloks is a modular smartphone that's truly customizable. It is made up of separate, interchangeable blocks that are easily upgraded or replaced. What I find really interesting about it is, that you can design your phone with the components depending on what you need, and leave off those you don’t. If you're into taking photos, you can opt to have an upgraded camera block, or if you're always online, you can choose an upgraded battery block. If you're not so much into how a phone looks, but more into what a phone can do, then you'd find this idea pretty awesome like I do. 

Right now, the phone is just a concept and the designer, Dave Hakkens, is more interested in getting social media attention. A Thunderclap has been scheduled on the 29th of October to spread the word around. Click the link if you want to join the Thunderclap and support this concept.

Here's the You Tube video explaining how Phonebloks works. 

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